Treadmill [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Treadmill:

The bovine humanity fitted to the machinery as the ox to the treadmill.

We trudge in the treadmill and call it love of our ancient institutions.

It is provided with a treadmill just forward of the big stern wheel.

He took me in his hand, certainly, but he popped me into a cage, a treadmill.

He took me up, indeed, in his hand; but he put me in a cage, a treadmill.

I have heard about a treadmill,” said Harry, “but I never saw one.

How do you know it was thirty-five years you were on the treadmill, Manuel?

This proved to be a West Indian substitute for the treadmill.

Usually on a treadmill a horse or a mule has to work whether they like it or not.

Can I promise them that you will speak about picking oakum and doing the treadmill?