Containment [noun]

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Widespread surveillance testing can catch these outbreaks “before they get completely out of hand,” he says, prompting effective scaled-up containment strategies.

Testing for the coronavirus is essential for tracking its spread and knowing when additional containment measures should be put into place.

Chevron installed a large, underground containment system — a channel with perforated drains at either end — and added devices called tilt meters to record any sudden shifts in formations beneath the surface to give warning above.

Second and third waves of the virus have underscored the limits of low-tech containment strategies like face masks and social distancing and bolstered the need for a vaccine.

It’s very obvious that Japan on the one side of the Pacific and India on the other side…If you have close relations between those two countries, you’ve got a pretty powerful containment mechanism that kicks into place.

Apparently the top management of the joint used these cells for other things than mere containment of unruly prisoners.

For five decades, we have been successful in applying containment and deterrence in the Cold War.

He had been shaken and stirred of late out of all his self-containment; Prudence had heard many things from him.

Ironically, however, the time allocation strategy offered here supports the goal of cost containment.

And the attitude of the Cabinet since August 1914 had been marked by the utmost caution and self-containment.