Laboratory [noun]

Definition of Laboratory:

testing room

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Sentence/Example of Laboratory:

First, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly affixed densely-packed balls of Deinococcal bacteria on exposure panels outside the giant space laboratory back in 2015.

Dozens of laboratories, researchers and companies from Thailand to Nigeria are bootstrapping their own work on inoculations.

The ghostly blue flame stunned researchers when it first showed up unexpectedly in a laboratory experiment.

“We were kind of surprised, because there is no laboratory evidence to show that this compound might have some effect,” Saeed says.

They carried with them silver canisters, a bit smaller than a basketball, which capture air in a vacuum and store it until laboratory technicians can analyze its contents.

Robots are helping on that front as laboratory automation becomes increasingly prevalent, making high-throughput experiments possible in many different domains.

Fortunately, both the scientific and entrepreneurial communities have begun to work on senolytic therapies, moving the technology for selectively destroying senescent cells out of the laboratory and into a half-dozen startup companies.

The malaria drugs reduced remdesivir’s antiviral activity in laboratory experiments, the agency said in a statement.

First, from other laboratories they obtained flies genetically engineered to have temperature-sensitive channels in certain neurons.

Here began indeed, in the drab surroundings of the workshop, in the silent mystery of the laboratory, the magic of the new age.