Proficiency [noun]

Definition of Proficiency:

ability, skillfulness

Synonyms of Proficiency:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proficiency:

Sentence/Example of Proficiency:

As to his proficiency at study there was not much to be said.

There are all degrees of proficiency in knowledge of the world.

Should musical degrees be granted, and if so, for what measure of knowledge or proficiency?

It may be well imagined, then, that his proficiency was not very great.

The naturalist also must acquire some measure of proficiency in the ancient art.

His belief was that his proficiency in singlestick62 was matched only by his skill in song.

There were two honours usually awarded for proficiency in study.

"I'd rather win a proficiency badge for shooting," grunted Rona.

In the evening he complimented Alfred meagerly on his proficiency as a whip.

Was not Arethusa's present proficiency some evidence of this fact?