Characteristics [noun]

Definition of Characteristics:

typical feature, trait

Opposite/Antonyms of Characteristics:

Sentence/Example of Characteristics:

Even beyond the DNA strength of the species, Lord found genomic characteristics in the samples that would’ve made the rhinos strive to stay alive in cold climates that aren’t too different from what has been found in woolly mammoths.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, researchers looked for distinctively female or male characteristics in smaller brain subdivisions.

Therefore, to calculate correlated polling error, the model creates random permutations based on different demographic and geographic characteristics.

When humans breed such combinations of two different purebred dog lines, they hope to produce offspring that have an admixture of the visual form, temperament and other characteristics — the phenotype— of both breeds.

He found that resistance to the fungus was present in some of the plants as a recessive trait passed down from parent to offspring without affecting other characteristics of the plant.

Instead of beginning their process in some exotic locale, Insilico’s “drug discovery engine” sifts millions of data samples to determine the signature biological characteristics of specific diseases.

Many of the characteristics you might think to assign someone — like how much social distancing they’re doing — can change from week to week.

However, even throughout our nation, there are police departments and security services with POST-certified officers that still exhibit characteristics of implicit, and sometimes explicit, bias with or without the certification.

Humphries ponders whether simply asking some undergraduates to look for something hidden on a beach might reveal the characteristic pattern.

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