Shapeliness [noun]

Definition of Shapeliness:


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Sentence/Example of Shapeliness:

The current from the south pares the spit, preserving its shapeliness.

A gentleman, struck by its beauty and shapeliness, exclaimed: "What a beautiful arm!"

Hence an admirable clearness and shapeliness in the criticism of France.

The greatness and shapeliness of his head could not be overlooked.

Shapeliness is intellect without freedom; but colours are significant.

You have taught women to value their own youth, health, shapeliness, and refinement above all things.

We are guided back to admiration of the measure and moderation and shapeliness of the Augustan age.

There was no denying its shapeliness; presently she removed it, and, stooping, slowly drew it on her foot.

A thickly-veiled lady stepped off of the eight o'clock car and her shapeliness told Dorlan that it was Morlene.

It must be ground down to smooth unbroken planes, harmonious curvings, shapeliness—harmonies of arc and line and angle!