Loveliness [noun]

Definition of Loveliness:


Synonyms of Loveliness:

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Sentence/Example of Loveliness:

December’s heavens display a lovely pair of evening planets, shooting stars and a South American total solar eclipse you can catch online.

It has a lovely town square full of wonderful restaurants and shops.

Fortune cookies bound into lovely little books won’t get us through the dark night of the soul.

Like the stamped and mailed versions, she says, they serve “as a lovely reminder of when to plan my next adventure.”

Ostensibly it was a community showpiece with lovely trails, bridges and parks.

Lorelai and Rory taking their buddy-comedy-duo shtick on the road is charming, and Rory finally getting a chance to see the school she’s been dreaming about is lovely.

So we put on our things, and proceeded to walk along the river to a place called Paradise, on account of its loveliness.

Olivers pillow was smoothed by womans hands that night, and loveliness and virtue watched him as he slept.

The valley was arrayed in all the freshness and loveliness of spring; La Belle was murmuring her sweetest music.

Each motion of the slow-strolling form in its clinging robes was a separate loveliness.