Bluntness [noun]

Definition of Bluntness:


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Sentence/Example of Bluntness:

Notably, patients with blood and lymph node cancers may experience a blunted response to vaccines, along with patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

While some marketers will stick to blunt tactics like blocking ads from news sites entirely, many are turning to more nuanced strategies that also ensure their dollars support quality journalism.

Gabriel Sterling, a Republican election official in Georgia, was more blunt.

Drawing on her experience at both giant corporations like Google and scrappy startups, Cate Sevilla’s new book is a blunt, charismatic, and witty guide to surviving the workplace, no matter how big or small it might be.

The blunt instrument of fiscal policy isn’t likely to keep everyone afloat for much longer.

That unsparing country bluntness—don't you think it's perfectly delightful?

She would do what she could to curb her father's uncompromising bluntness of speech, and would keep him off dangerous topics.

"I'd like to take up that loan and save the rest of the year's interest, Deacon Rowley," stated Mayo, with sailorly bluntness.

Sedgett took his bluntness as a matter to be endured for the honour of hob-a-nobbing with a gentleman.

Dr. Johnson has recorded the long list of his infirmities with an almost chilling bluntness; but, alas!