Grossness [noun]

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Focus on gross national happiness hasn’t always meant that the country ranks as the happiest on earth.

That’s compared to $196 million in subscription revenue in the same period of 2019, a gross profit of $143 million, and a net loss of about $26 million.

The settlement was in response to a lawsuit that Taylor’s family filed in April, alleging excessive force and gross negligence on the part of the officers.

It ranks the general wealth of nations by what it calls their gross national income, or GNI.

Drawdown’s $27 trillion figure also happens to equal around 1% of the gross world product.

Nike expects revenue growth to range from the high single digits to the low double digits this fiscal year, with gross margins staying flat.

“Tenet” grossed about $20 million in its North American rollout, which included two weeks of showings in Canada.

Now she was planning to leave San Francisco for Los Angeles, as the gross air had descended here.

Its economy is experiencing its deepest recession since it started publishing gross domestic product numbers in 1996, and it has the fastest-growing number of coronavirus cases of any country on earth.

I’m suggesting you narrow the range of what grosses you out.