Disallowance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disallowance:

In this new world, third-party cookies will be disallowed, but first-party cookies will remain.

Before he left Canada he proclaimed the act of indemnity, and notified her majesty's disallowance of the ordinance.

Owing to the disallowance of the Oaths Bill there was no report from the committee.

The chief crown instrument for achieving harmony was the right of royal disallowance of colonial legislation.

In Crown Colonies the allowance or disallowance of any Law is generally signified by despatch.

If it found an act unsatisfactory, it recommended to the king the exercise of his veto power, known as the royal disallowance.

They then sent one of their own number to England, for the purpose of soliciting the royal disallowance of the act.

The supposed grounds for disallowance are in reality only marks of inferiority.

On the 1st of July a proclamation was issued giving public notice of the disallowance of the Oaths Bill.

The Governor-General and the Crown to have also power of assent, reservation or disallowance.