Punctuality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Punctuality:

A proper consideration of the value of time, will also inspire habits of punctuality.

Obedience, neatness, punctuality do not thrive in such an atmosphere.

"Charmed to find you know the merit of punctuality," said he.

Punctuality, cleanliness, and order are the soldier's three graces.

If there was any merit in the sketch, it must be owing to its punctuality.

Arundel Dacre entered with them, woke the Duke, and praised him for his punctuality.

Mrs. Pollard verified the punctuality of her servant with a glance at the clock.

Punctuality, if I may say so, is not a wide-spread virtue in these Islands.

But this does not mean that they see the value of punctuality.

Exactness and order and punctuality are matters which most Englishmen think much of.