Neutralization [noun]

Definition of Neutralization:

contradiction, denial

Synonyms of Neutralization:

Opposite/Antonyms of Neutralization:

Sentence/Example of Neutralization:

"Political Annuals," since 1887 rich in discussion of neutralization.

This acts as a feeble alkali, and commences the neutralization.

The Zark turned to the neutralization and elimination of the poison.

Arriving upon the scene, these cells assist in its neutralization.

After neutralization it is not necessary to add more than 10 cc.

It is most important then to bring about the neutralization of these unfavorable suggestions.

The points not yet quite settled are the territory round the places in the Indies, and neutralization of St Vincents.

The oxidation and neutralization of these hot-spring solutions near the surface throws out the mercury sulphide.

The water thus obtained contains the glycerine, and after neutralization is concentrated.

It has been suggested that we get other nations to agree to the neutralization of the islands.