Extraction [noun]

Definition of Extraction:

removal from whole; distillation

Synonyms of Extraction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extraction:

Sentence/Example of Extraction:

By diversifying the supply from third countries and developing the EU’s own capacity for extraction, processing, recycling, refining, and separation of rare earths, we can become more resilient and sustainable.

An hour south of Fruita, in another western Colorado town that’s moved away from extraction, a more diverse outdoor economy has held up.

In places from Appalachian coal country to western oil and gas towns, the outdoor industry was supposed to be a sustainable alternative to extraction.

Machine learning extends the tech industry’s broader priorities, which center on scale and extraction.

Among other things, he said that the extraction of the T-cells and the genetic alternation process can be done through machines in an automated process that can lower costs.

Amid a 30-year oil boom, their treasuries grew by the billions as states collected fees on oil and gas extraction.

The cost of extraction varies in different localities, depending mainly on the mass of barren rock to be encountered and removed.

The extraction of the opium is performed in a very simple, but exceedingly tedious manner.

Let me ask you specifically if the period covered in terms of this extraction was from October?

For, there lay the acme of his cleverness; in the extraction of money from the unlucky people who came to demand it.