Conveyor [noun]

Definition of Conveyor:

person who carries messages or deliveries

Synonyms of Conveyor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conveyor:

Sentence/Example of Conveyor:

Canvass of the local trucking industry brought to light the conveyor of that elegant article of furniture.

The conveyor extension is removable, and should always be tight before machine is started.

Worn boxes should be taken up or rebabbitted, and conveyor and shoe eccentrics replaced if worn out.

If too many teeth are used in the concave, the conveyor sieve will be forced to carry more chaff than it can handle.

The conveyor groaned on, bringing up the next unit, a sleek little cruiser.

If it continues to operate, then the obstruction is in the tank conveyor.

If the clog is in the tank conveyor, how would it be removed?

These machines are equipped with ploughs which loosen the soil and place it on conveyor belts.

We had been working on the mail conveyor up close to the other end.

Poppy roused herself sufficiently to reject these terrible delicacies, while smiling at the conveyor of them.