Runner [noun]

Definition of Runner:

one who runs

Synonyms of Runner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Runner:

Sentence/Example of Runner:

But they saw that the sea was for the swimmer, and the sand for the feet of the runner.

I told you that I knew the Bow Street runner who was in the barouche.

In the south, too, hoop iron or whalebone is used for runner shoeing.

The victors sent the runner Pheidippides to bear the news to Athens.

One eye applied to a crack scanned the runner, who stood there alert.

I used to think I was some runner, but the Honorable Samuel set me right that day.

He fled with all his speed, and Jim was no slouch of a runner.

Now, first of all I'm going to show you how I'd handle you if you were the runner.

He had not recognized him under the name of Captain Downs when the runner had addressed him.

He never would admit that Jimmy Rabbit was much of a runner.