Transshipment [noun]

Definition of Transshipment:

move, transfer

Synonyms of Transshipment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transshipment:

Sentence/Example of Transshipment:

Here was a point of exchange, trade, and transshipment—if we may use the word.

The line had a capacity of about 5,000 barrels a day and carried crude for transshipment to refineries in Italy.

Then suppose we take the cargo across for transshipment and see if we can pick up a clew at the other end?

At noon the wind died down enough to begin the transshipment from the smaller ships.

Hail your craft in English and order all hands on deck unarmed, ready for transshipment to this boat.

Here the transshipment of the guns and stores was renewed, and here, for the first time, I visited the Alabama.

The Portuguese withdrew, and the transshipment proceeded without further protest.

He also suggested that in establishing a transshipment storehouse at the steamboat-landing I place Hudson in charge.

Transshipment from one vessel engaged in foreign trade to another is prohibited unless authorized by the Collector of Customs.

Transshipment goods not on through bills are treated as reexports, and are subject to full export control.