Antipodean [adjective]

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An incident of our stay in Adelaide may serve to show the mental attitude of your average Antipodean.

It is full of excellent imported trout, which flourish well in these antipodean waters and attain a weight of six or seven pounds.

He is the antipodean agitator, and the acknowledged benefactor of his fellow colonists in their land of adoption.

And now a word about this antipodean land on which our unlucky hero looked out from the prison-ship.

Artificial lakes are made for the cultivation of fish caught in Antipodean streams.

Then there are tree-hunters exploring all the continents, and bringing new species from Japan and other antipodean countries.

Antipodean agriculturists meet in the great international concours of cattle, horses, sheep and swine.

For my own part, I do not believe the simple-hearted old king had any such notion inside his thick antipodean skull.

The nature of the antipodean inversion of climates was clearly grasped by her contemporary, Herrade de Landsberg (Fig.5).

The few who had promised themselves an Antipodean Yuletide in the frost—or slush—of merry England could not keep their words.