Awakened [verb]

Definition of Awakened:

make conscious or alert

Synonyms of Awakened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awakened:

Sentence/Example of Awakened:

The night wore on, and the clock downstairs was striking the hour of two when she suddenly awakened.

As I don't drink the waters I do not rise early, and am usually awakened by the strains of the orchestra.

One morning Tom was awakened by his faithful attendant to resume his weary journey.

As he fell a great blackness rose around him, and with it the bewildered clamour of awakened dogs.

"To say that the brute has awakened in a man is not a mere metaphor always," he went on presently.

Then, as if being more fully awakened he recognized his master, he heaved himself suddenly to his feet and bowed.

As for Pau, he thought to himself: "Perhaps it would have been better if I had not awakened this young lady who finds us ugly."

At four o'clock Isabel was awakened by suspicious sounds at the key-hole of the front door.

But a horrible thing that had happened to him, had awakened in him a lonely nightmare of restlessness.

He only knew that he was awakened by a tremendous noise, and that the ship seemed to be crashing to pieces.