Severed [verb]

Definition of Severed:

cut apart

Synonyms of Severed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Severed:

Sentence/Example of Severed:

The name, once upon it, was so severed that I could not link the fragments.

The violence of the shock had severed the rope which fastened him to his companion.

For a time my connection with Keighley was severed as I went to reside at Bradford.

He could have severed himself from the ranch, and washed his hands of all that was doing there.

If Venex 17's head had been severed for less than three weeks he could reactivate it.

He took out his jackknife, and reaching over, severed the traces.

Leroy's teeth worked on like a rat's until at last the cord was severed.

The shadowy outlines of two men came through the severed wires.

Then the head of Cyrus and his right hand were severed from the body.

With a quick snip, he severed the wires leading to the can of radite.