Incandescence [noun]

Definition of Incandescence:

luminescence from sun or other source

Synonyms of Incandescence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incandescence:

Sentence/Example of Incandescence:

It was first produced by heating with the current to incandescence a fine platinum wire.

The phenomenon of incandescence without oxygen seems peculiar to these lights alone.

Small wonder that the meteor is brought to lively incandescence and consumed even in a fraction of a second.

Once a Beowulfer vanished in a supernova flash, and when the ball of incandescence widened to nothing the ship was gone.

There were momentarily unbearable flashes of pure energy and from them globes of incandescence spread and vanished.

Rocks beneath it flashed into sudden incandescence, splintered and cracked, flowed in molten streams.

I cannot express their vague, yet vast and intense splendor, by any other word than incandescence.

The usual method is to heat some material to incandescence by passing an electric current through it.

It was exactly as though her fury, a generated incandescence of rage, had burned into a perceptible flare.

Flame is gas or vapour heated to incandescence during862 the process of combustion.