Irradiation [noun]

Definition of Irradiation:

luminescence from sun or other source

Synonyms of Irradiation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irradiation:

Sentence/Example of Irradiation:

One of the technologies that Clinton singles out is food irradiation.

Over 20 seconds of irradiation, a spectrometer measured the wavelengths of light, or spectrum, given off by the ice.

Twenty minutes after the irradiation period, the radioactivity of the calcium standards is measured by the same instrument.

The irradiation is resumed so that a uniform dose of neutrons bombards the patient from both front and back.

When the irradiation is first begun, the number of radioactive atoms increases steadily.

This will be true no matter where in the reactor or for how long the irradiation took place.

A woman who was sitting inside the cottage had seen and recognized her in that momentary irradiation.

The exceptionally acute psychiatrist Meynert shows how physiognomics depends on irradiation and parallel images.

How this activation is being aided and accelerated by another source of dynamic energy: irradiation from the sun.

However, is it not interesting to attribute the apparent movement to irradiation?