Campfire [noun]

Definition of Campfire:

site for outdoor living

Synonyms of Campfire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Campfire:


Sentence/Example of Campfire:

By the dim light of the campfire they saw what they supposed were the sleeping forms of their enemies.

The others gathered about the campfire, despite their weariness, to talk and to sing songs.

The girls huddled about the campfire, watching the fantastic shadows the flames threw over the tents.

Supper was prepared and after it had disappeared they sat about the campfire 94 telling stories or singing songs.

Then Tom suggested they build a campfire and rest while eating their lunch and this was done.

They didn't see any Indians, but they saw the ashes of a campfire.

He sat down on the ground, picked up a handful of ashes from Redbird's campfire and threw them on his head.

He slept in the woods, freezing by the lonely campfire, or sweltering in the smothering heat of the summer sun.

At the same time, he was assured that he would thus shorten the path to the campfire, where he expected to find The Panther.

I remember the night you danced that wonderful butterfly number 21 at the Campfire.