Sparks [noun]

Definition of Sparks:

flash, trace

Synonyms of Sparks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sparks:

Sentence/Example of Sparks:

It is a wonder that the sparks did not fly, the Devil struck so hard on the hot iron.

The grindstone was soon in motion; the sparks were flying off in showers.

Wherever he has gone he has left some sparks of his own genial enthusiasm.

Then a shower of sparks rose high in the air and the conflagration subsided.

You have blown out the sparks of love and kindliness, and have for ever robbed the Universe.

Showers of sparks and sheets of flame were leaping and streaming into the sky.

I want one of these sparks, if I can persuade it to do so, to fall on my tinder.

I want you to ask yourselves, Where do the sparks come from?

I take the steel and the flint, and striking them together I get sparks.

He dropped the cigarette, set his foot on it, crushed it to sparks on the floor.