Designing [adjective]

Definition of Designing:

plotting, crafty

Synonyms of Designing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Designing:

Sentence/Example of Designing:

Depending upon your needs, we take a look at the best options for basic home and school as well as professional level options for drafting and designing.

Specifically, the legal departments at competing pharmaceutical firms will need to find acceptable ways to work together in co-designing and co-executing drug trials without compromising any company’s intellectual property.

Researching, designing, and constructing defenses takes time.

AI has entered new industries like advertising and graphic designing recently and its role in these two industries is discussed in detail further.

AI has recently entered the creative arena of the graphic designing industry with its cognitive abilities.

Beware of ignorance which assumes the mask of knowledge, or of designing roguery which apes the appearance of innocence.

But her resolve melted when she saw him before designing Providence had led him into her path.

Architecture is often defined as the science and art of designing and constructing buildings or structures.

This rule has been revived in America, and appears to be increasingly relied on in bridge-designing.

These fables are the invention of designing churchmen who live on the superstitions of the ignorant.