Styling [verb]

Definition of Styling:

name, title

Synonyms of Styling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Styling:


Sentence/Example of Styling:

Reverence,” said I, “what do you mean by styling me reverence?

Pepa was not far wrong in styling General Patio a carpet-knight.

I crave pardon for not styling you: Monsieur le Ministre; I could not.

Urban received the archbishop magnificently, styling him the “pope and patriarch of another world,” and promising to help him.

But do you ever hear of us Catholics, or Dissenters, styling this an extraordinary movement on the part of the Queen?

About the year 1723, a man sprang into notice in Paris, styling himself Dr. Villars.

It was a practical surrender, although Leo distinguished las Casas and Gutirrez by styling them his beloved children.

The pious nuns who taught him recognized a certain gift for figures in styling him their little mathematician.

At this he blushed, and began to address the most absurd compliments to her, styling her "my dear niece."

When he came to make his Will (now before me), though engaged in trade, he asserts his gentility by styling himself 'gentleman.'