Experimenting [verb]

Definition of Experimenting:

investigate, test

Synonyms of Experimenting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Experimenting:

Sentence/Example of Experimenting:

Started, that is, with a wide-scale experiment to replicate the Pittsburgh accident.

In the experiment, the “breath” from the mannequins was marked with a fluorescent tracer so that researchers could see what happened in real time.

In 2015 in Nature Physics, the ACSEL team reported a glimpse of the Weibel instability in an experiment at OMEGA.

In 1953, it celebrated the success of their experiments in artificial insemination using frozen bull semen with the birth of a calf they named “Frosty,” and a promotional film declaring this to be “Progress, progress the American way!”

In physics, however, university labs run joint experiments on the LHC.

Consider a recent experiment by scientists working at the Great Barrier Reef off of Australia.

We can’t transform Earth into a lab and run an experiment with half of humanity evolving in the savanna and the other half in the desert.

It is time to return to the experiment that should not have ended when it did.

It’s definitely an interesting experiment for Netflix, but we’ll see if it catches on or expands to more geographies with different viewing preferences.

This conclusion wasn’t clear from the beginning of the experiment.