Delegates [noun]

Definition of Delegates:

representative, often governmental

Synonyms of Delegates:

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Sentence/Example of Delegates:

The general assembly of Corsica, consisting of 1,009 delegates, unanimously expelled the Bonaparte family.

A convention of delegates to revise the constitution of New York met at Albany.

There were one hundred and thirty-one delegates present at this convention, representing sixty-six counties and corporations.

The general court of Massachusetts met at Salem, and chose delegates to the first congress.

Consequently, the one hundred and fifteen delegates present proposed acts and passed them as laws called ordinances.

Each county was to choose two delegates annually to represent them and one-fourth of the Senate was to be elected annually.

It was soon obvious that there were two distinct types of delegates: the eastern "conservatives" and the western "reformers."

There were one hundred and sixty-eight official delegates present, and they elected Edmund Pendleton president of the convention.

On May 29, 1902, the Constitution of 1902 was "proclaimed" by the convention members, whose delegates voted for its adoption.

Consequently, when delegates from these states refused to accept the pledge, they were not initially seated at the convention.