Congruence [noun]

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The two were motivated by a desire to find tetrahedra that could be cut up and reassembled as a cube of the same volume, a property known as scissors congruence.

Is there a complete congruence of form-relationship between larv on the one hand and imagines on the other?

All these cases show a complete congruence in the two kinds of form-relationship; but exceptions are not wanting.

The number of the changes would here alone determine whether congruence or incongruence occurred between the two stages.

We shall find in the next lecture that it is from this symmetry that the theory of congruence is deduced.

What is this but a judgment of congruence applied to the train of successive positions of the yard  measure?

We then enquire about congruence and lay down the set of conditions—or axioms as they are called—which this relation satisfies.

Congruence depends on motion, and thereby is generated the connexion between spatial congruence and temporal congruence.

The first axiom of congruence is that the opposite sides of any parallelogram are congruent.

The first of these axioms, forming the fifth axiom of congruence, will be called the axiom of ‘kinetic symmetry.’