Serum [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Serum:

Serifluus means flowing with serum, the watery part of milk.

My serum can destroy your conscious mind—but not your native fear?

Serum: the fluid in which the blood corpuscles float or are suspended.

They find the effect of this serum much better than that of others.

He took a mouse from the box I had seen, and with a needle injected the serum.

I add a little of the serum of the inoculated rabbit to the other half in this other tube.

It will, after a time, turn sour, separating like blood into clot and serum.

The properties of these two kinds of serum may now be considered.

He, too, was working at his element of compounding the serum.

In a sane society, our serum would be a valuable contribution.