Vaccine [noun]

Definition of Vaccine:

introduction into bloodstream

Synonyms of Vaccine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vaccine:


Sentence/Example of Vaccine:

A Frankfort man has written a farce comedy called "Vaccine."

This latter is the cow-pox, from which Jenner derived the vaccine matter.

Phillip, you had the worst cold of your life when you took the vaccine.

The public response to the vaccine was little less than monumental.

One laboratory promised the vaccine in ten days; another said a week.

When unsuccessful, the vaccine matter or the technique is faulty.

Meanwhile the bacteriologists are steadily at work on a vaccine or antitoxin.

He also aided agriculture by discovering a vaccine for swine plague.

It was broad daylight by this time, and I had my lancet and vaccine lymph with me.

The vaccine is said to be prepared from cultures from this fungus.