Capstone [noun]

Definition of Capstone:

maximum, zenith

Synonyms of Capstone:

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Sentence/Example of Capstone:

Tower and spire are almost the same height, together giving to the capstone an elevation of 273 feet.

It is for them to put the capstone upon the sublime structure.

They had climbed the capstone of her pyramid, her sun had touched its zenith, and her last word was said!

The idea in itself attracted him, as a fitting capstone to his resolve not to go home to supper.

The promontory is connected with a still bolder and loftier headland, the Capstone Rock.

The capstone of the structure they would build then had its foundation in moral and religious instruction.

He knew it was putting the capstone on the building which he had erected by his labor and cemented with his blood.

And then, when he promised to get her admitted to the jail so that she could see her uncle, that was the capstone.

From one end of the Capstone we have an admirable bit for a picture.

The capstone on which the statue stands is one of the record-stones of the Temple.