Centrality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Centrality:

She did but inevitably represent what the whole world around her asserted: the life-centrality of woman.

It was something quite different from happiness: an alert enjoyment of rest, an intense and satisfying sense of centrality.

The organic centrality of the whole body is of first importance.

Design experiences submit the centrality of the writer to reassessment.

Like the human body itself, social life must become as complex as it can without losing its centrality.

Surely when man has gained centrality of health, he will worship the unifying will which is dominant whenever health prevails.

The group of trees above Apollo and the reclining figures either side of him accent the centrality of his position.

Added to all these advantages, it possessed that of centrality, perhaps, in a superior degree to any which could be proposed.

I deny the fact of the territorial centrality of the place proposed.

In regard to centrality of situation, the Potomac has undoubtedly the advantage.