Proportionality [noun]

Definition of Proportionality:

percentage, relation of part to whole

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Sentence/Example of Proportionality:

It is a proof that where this competition does not exist the proportionality ceases.

But, I repeat, this proportionality is not inherent in the notion of value.

Thorium and uranium, proportionality of, in older rocks, 26.

Proportionality of cause to effect is apparently disobeyed not only in physical but also in mental phenomena.

For ordinary samples of crepe and sheet the relationship is, however, not very far removed from proportionality.

If we take spark as cause and explosion as effect there is obviously no proportionality between the cause and its effect.

The limiting tension beyond which the above law of proportionality fails is often called the “limit of linear elasticity.”

This curve expresses, in terms of value, the idea of proportionality which is an essential part of the quantity theory.

This doctrine denies the law of proportionality even for this differential portion.

Proportionality between the world's gold and the world's volume of credit does not at all obtain.