Iridescence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Iridescence:

Those structures bounce light off differently at each angle, producing iridescence.

Something of this iridescence may cling to unmarried lovers, in spite of themselves, but wedded bliss is a sheer offence.

Instantaneously the sun-flooded morning was born, a morning that lost its freshness, its pearly iridescence, immediately.

All these species are very beautiful, the rapid movement of the cilia giving them a brilliant iridescence.

In color it is reddish-brown, specked with gray, and has a brilliant whitish or opal-like iridescence.

On the contrary, its wings had grown to an amazing span and iridescence.

One touch of the harsh finger of Fate and all the gleaming iridescence of the bubble had vanished.

Its wings, exquisitely netted and of crystal transparency, were tinged with an ineffable purple iridescence.

In this event the cloud will exhibit no iridescence, but, instead of it, a vertical circle through the sun will present itself.

Its broad wavy petals of the softest richest violet, "vary in intensity from deepest sapphire to the mild iridescence of opal."