Owl [noun]

Definition of Owl:

person who steals

Opposite/Antonyms of Owl:



Sentence/Example of Owl:

And he winked and blinked at stout Friar Tuck like an owl at the sun.

This, with coffee, followed a good supper of boiled partridge and owl.

It is possible that in snaring the owl we have caught the falcon.

You ought to be dozing half the day—and instead you're as wide awake as an owl.

Then the rat went away, and the owl did as the rat had instructed him.

An owl had put by for next day the remains of something dainty which he had to eat.

"I'd be badly in want of a bird, though, to give a groat for an owl," said Csar.

Others being present, Billy was silent as an owl at noonday.

“You should find some shelter from the cold night,” said the owl.

He crawled away from the owl and the branch, and he rested on a pile of twigs.