Spider [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Spider:

As well try to mend a spider's web when you have put your boot through it.

She loved to spin, and no spider ever spun so fine a thread as she on her spinning wheel.

The spider is tossed from his footing and falls wounded to earth.

Sometimes it resembles a spider's web when it is called arachnoid.

This little girl, the Cod-fish by name, was devoted to the Spider.

Kicking off the nearest of the spider men, he clambered in after the scientist.

"Oh, she has her virtues, like every other kind of spider," said Bruno.

Not a spider could be seen near the shining, circular doors.

It seemed to him to combine the repulsive qualities of a spider and a toad.

And so they went below again, down the spider ladder into the corridor.