Mosquito [noun]

Definition of Mosquito:


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Sentence/Example of Mosquito:

The mosquito, quite ignored, would then have gone on in his deadly work.

Then for a time he slept beneath the mosquito bar in his tent.

You know as much about them as this d—— mosquito that is just now biting my nose.

You slap angrily at the place, and hurt yourself, but not the mosquito.

The journey was a peaceful relief after the storms of Mosquito Bend.

And during these days the bunkhouse at Mosquito Bend seethed with revolt.

I was out driving, and thought I would look in at Mosquito Reach.

His return to Mosquito Bend was very different from his first coming.

We are all glad when the cold weather comes and the mosquito goes.

It was generally conceded that he had never let a mosquito in together with himself.