Kleptomaniac [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kleptomaniac:

I knew a kleptomaniac, who got herself arrested more than once in the great shops of Paris for stealing various articles.

Here was a little kleptomaniac whose weakness the mother was struggling to hide.

Another oddity with whom I was associated was a kleptomaniac.

The kleptomaniac may be the most troublesome to the community; but is he more wicked than the others?

No thief, for example, is such an utter thief—so good a thief—as the kleptomaniac.

I have no doubt that the rich woman who could not resist shop-lifting is a kleptomaniac.

The poor woman who steals something she actually needs is not a kleptomaniac.

The address was that of the house on the Lake Shore Drive which the kleptomaniac had entered!

Maggiluk ang kamut sa kiriwan, A kleptomaniac has itchy hands.

The kleptomaniac is generally recognized as being a well-defined class of the insane.