Thief [noun]

Definition of Thief:

person who steals

Opposite/Antonyms of Thief:



Sentence/Example of Thief:

Their shame was hers: the son of her mother, the son of her father was a thief!

"The less reason, then, for her being a thief," Gilder grumbled in his heaviest voice.

Against all evidence she was holding this man honest, believing her brother the thief.

Mortimer was either a thief or a hero; there could be no question about that.

You're the thief—Levi West—you come here and stole my daddy from me ye did.

The till was not to be thought of it was the first spot a thief would make for.

One day, the last time I was with him, I read the narrative of the thief on the cross.

A thief was dying on the cross, and this was his wretched face.

Had he not himself, perhaps, been judged and treated as a thief?

Had some thief stolen them and hidden here, only to be caught by the volcano?