Verifiable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Verifiable:

That is, it has enabled him to discover a verifiable and verified formula.

Unless these are verifiable I leave them to the care of others, and pass on.

Given a verifiable hypothesis, however, what constitutes proof or disproof?

Physical science is at home only in the experimental, the verifiable.

And I can truthfully say that, from a religious point of view, their verifiable report is always interesting.

The 'colligation' of facts demands hypotheses, and these may not, at the moment of their construction, be verifiable.

It is rare, in anthropological speculations, to light on a topic in which verifiable dates occur.

It reaches its goal whenever it can replace its early guessing by verifiable hypotheses and predictable results.

In this region, the invention of verifiable hypotheses is not only permissible, but is one of the conditions of progress.

It limits itself strictly to verifiable information, and challenges demonstration of humanly avoidable partiality.