Unintellectual [adjective]

Definition of Unintellectual:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unintellectual:


Sentence/Example of Unintellectual:

The round face and eyes present a heavy, unintellectual expression.

How unintellectual, how uncivilised, such a scene, and such actors!

At Cambridge he had got into a fast, though not an unintellectual, set.

I thought you scorned it, considered it an unintellectual game.

St. Ives is unintellectual and except as an adventure novel, dull.

Some were conservative, or backward, or unintellectual compared with others.

The non-talker has no taste for such an unintellectual exercise.

Be this as it may, with pure, unintellectual, brutal evil it is very different.

"Farming is such an unintellectual subject," I heard a critical young woman say to her husband, whose tastes were bucolic.

The walls can be covered now almost as cheaply with intellectual pictures as with unintellectual wall paper.