Illiteracy [noun]

Definition of Illiteracy:


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Sentence/Example of Illiteracy:

Through the game, players learn how media illiteracy can make all of us unwitting accomplices in spreading fake news.

She made up the envelope to match and addressed it, with consistent illiteracy, to the head of the mission.

There is no ground for an explanation of such errors 207 as these except laziness and grossest illiteracy.

Other branches of the family bearing the surname had gone to seed and lapsed into illiteracy.

The illiteracy for all Negro children was 25 per cent, whereas the illiteracy for all white children was only 10.5 per cent.

Illiteracy which in 1863 equaled about 95 per cent of the Negro population has been decreasing rapidly since the Civil War.

The percentage of Negro illiteracy in America is less than any one of these foreign races.

As the result of this good school system, Missouri stood last among the sixteen ex-slave States in illiteracy in 1890.

The United States government is directly responsible for the illiteracy and the widespread poverty which obtain in the South.

Illiteracy in the South is one of the worst legacies which the rebellion bequeathed to the nation.