Odoriferous [adjective]

Definition of Odoriferous:

distinctive smelling

Synonyms of Odoriferous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Odoriferous:

Sentence/Example of Odoriferous:

Of the same materials also an odoriferous unguënt was found.

Every evening a slave carefully filled this lamp with odoriferous oil.

I hope he enjoys the odoriferous, sudoriferous resting-place.

Evening was closing on Naples and Pausilippo—bright, serene, odoriferous.

According to Poseidonius, an odoriferous salt is found in Arabia.

It must be remembered, that all the parts of some vegetables are odoriferous.

Around their necks they wore strings of odoriferous flowers.

At certain seasons he is one of the most odoriferous animals in creation.

I, poor fellow, am far from its lovely minarets and odoriferous gardens!

It is valued as an odoriferous unguent and cosmetic by the Turks.