Flatus [noun]

Definition of Flatus:

blast of air

Synonyms of Flatus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flatus:


Sentence/Example of Flatus:

There should be proper control of flatus and motions from the date of operation.

The plebs plebis think that the cause is wind or flatus, and that they get rid of the ague by belching.

The stomach and bowels are liable to distension by flatus, sometimes to the extent of producing colicky pains.

If the gangrenous portion be very full of fæces or flatus, incisions may be made into it.

This is especially the case where much flatus is generated, or where the patient is naturally stout.

In pectore sunt flatus & tussis ut in aere uenti & tonitrua.

Much distress is occasioned by abdominal distension from flatus, which develops with remarkable rapidity.

Relief is obtained both from the pain and from the sense of distension by expulsion of flatus.

His stomach was a good deal disturbed, and the bowels were soon distended with flatus.

Not that they may not be more than names (flatus vocis), but that they are nothing less than names.