Kaleidoscopic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Kaleidoscopic:

“You have a lot of different representations, which remember different things, and when you put all that information together you have this kaleidoscopic picture of your group in some sense,” Norton said.

But Walter Harkness, standing at the window, stared out from troubled, frowning eyes that saw nothing of the kaleidoscopic scene.

Boston's religious history is most interesting, although almost kaleidoscopic in its changes.

The kaleidoscopic view came so fast that Anders had trouble sorting his new impressions.

The whole cloak making trade of New York presents, for an outside observer, the kaleidoscopic interest of a population not static.

In the swift and kaleidoscopic changes which occur in (p. 340) world politics, the friend of to-day may be the enemy of to-morrow.

The flower-beds with their blaze of colour whizzed round in kaleidoscopic fashion before her eyes.

Thus the dead man moved an heroic figure through all the kaleidoscopic happenings.

He went slowly down the steps to the main corridor and joined the buzzing, kaleidoscopic crowd.

Seen in such kaleidoscopic glare of light, even the Whitechapel Road has its attractions.