Revocable [adjective]

Definition of Revocable:


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Sentence/Example of Revocable:

An offer is a revocable and unaccepted communication of willingness to promise.

Besides, this part of the agreement was revocable at my pleasure.

He would know, presently, when the revocable should have become the irrevocable.

A week, but a short week, to come, before my fate is irrevocably fixed; or revocable only by the hand of death!

In our lay convent whatever each monk possesses is only a revocable gift by the convent.

In the northeastern, or Frisian portion, however; the grants of land were never in the form of revocable benefices or feuds.

A man is bound above all things to protect those who depend on him from his own immature or revocable impulses.

The exercise of powers that were defined and limited, that were temporary and revocable, called for scrutiny and direct control.

There can be no dower in a mere personal privilege, or in a revocable license pertaining to land.

Every contract on a negotiable note is incomplete and revocable until its delivery.