Transitional [adjective]

Definition of Transitional:

middle, in-between

Synonyms of Transitional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transitional:

Sentence/Example of Transitional:

Inside there is a good deal of transitional Norman work to be seen.

First came what I hold to have been the transitional stage of the mother-age.

Hermaphroditism must be regarded as a temporary or transitional form.

So far we have only spoken of complete inversion; but there are transitional stages.

Her brother raised his finger; it was the transitional passage on the drum.

But he was the poet of a time of transition, and his temper is transitional.

These are but transitional and imperfect aspects of Reality.

There is not in it the slightest mixture of any Transitional details.

Adolf Scherer might be said to represent a transitional type.

The Jewish Company is an organization with a transitional character.