Intervening [adjective]

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Raffensperger requested state legislation that allows the state to intervene in counties that have systemic problems with election administration, including in counties that did not count all the votes that were cast.

Pauli’s father decided to intervene, suggesting that he seek out Carl Jung for therapy.

“There’s no doubt that had we not intervened and destroyed this nest, we would be starting with that number of 200,” he said during the news conference this week.

Other times, it offers them the chance to intervene when they don’t like what they’re seeing.

That means Raffensperger could well be in office during a loss of historic proportions for his own party — and, as a result, endure weeks of increasingly intense pressure to somehow intervene.

Peers are the first ones who can intervene when they notice signs of abuse in their circles.

It also said EU regulators have a duty to intervene when they suspect data is flowing to a location where it will not be safe — meaning options for data transfers out of the EU have both reduced in number and increased in complexity.

Two off-duty police officers working as security intervened and fired shots as well.

The Miami Herald later revealed that county Mayor Carlos Gimenez, the Republican candidate for Florida’s 26th Congressional District, intervened to prevent election officials from choosing the arena.

He seemed so far ahead in early September 1948 that Elmo Roper, one of the three national pollsters at the time, announced that he would release no further survey results unless a political miracle intervened.