Folksy [adjective]

Definition of Folksy:

informal, simple

Synonyms of Folksy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Folksy:


Sentence/Example of Folksy:

He is very much a successor to former City Council President Sherri Lightner, who had a folksy protectionist approach to the job.

He talked quite a little, and he seemed rather nice, I think—just frank and folksy, you know.

Miss Carry is a lady worth talking about, and so is Miss Jenny—none of your turned up nose, poor white folksy sort.

She's pretty and I will give in that she's folksy and sociable with us natives; it's surprisin', considerin' her bringin' up.

Seems a pretty silly job for grown-up men, but they're real pleasant and folksy.

She had on a blue wrapper, and her hair was pulled back smooth like little girls do when they want to look grown-folksy.

Set here and talked with me just as sociable and folksy as if she wan't wuth a cent.

First thing, I knew he was smilin' folksy straight at me, and liftin' one hand hesitatin', as if he wanted to give me the hail.

Montgomery is just a comfortable, folksy, neighborly town, small enough to make hypocrisy difficult and unnecessary.

Just then, though, she reaches out a pair of bare arms and remarks real folksy: "At last you've come, haven't you?"