Critic [noun]

Definition of Critic:

analyst, interpreter

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Sentence/Example of Critic:

For example, the UK-based digital health company Babylon Health came under fire in 2018 for announcing that its diagnostic chatbot was “on par with human doctors,” on the basis of a test that critics argued was misleading.

Lam has responded to the testing scheme’s critics, accusing experts who oppose the effort of “smearing” Beijing in an attempt to “sever Hong Kong’s relations with the central government.”

For a long time, critics of pure deep-learning approaches, such as Gary Marcus, have been calling for exactly the sort of hybrid approaches NDTT represents.

Critics of the regulationMedia analyst Ben Thompson points out media mogul Rupert Murdoch owns most of the Australian press and has been the platforms’ biggest critic.

I am but a film critic, so I won’t pretend to understand or fully explain the entire history of the Sator square here.

Fueling the resentment of such criticism is the perception that some well-off critics are untouched by the high levels of violence in the neighborhoods that the officers spend a lot of their time patrolling.

Four months and a business lifetime ago, critics were poking holes in the newfound success of videoconferencing upstart Zoom Video Communications.

I’m a big critic of those rhinos that we’ve got serving as well.

While the new CPEC Authority would still report directly to Khan, it would have wide-ranging autonomy to implement its infrastructure program without civilian government oversight, critics say.

Netflix’s The Crown caught the eye of critics and audiences alike when its first season premiered in 2016.